Can This Unique Supplement Company Give You the Edge You’re Looking For?

Emerging in 2016, Red Supplements is a relatively new supplement company and is the brain child of Victor Pride and Christopher Deoudes, two semi-famous bloggers in the fitness-come-self improvement-come-men’s-lifestyle space.


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It’s quite an interesting company, offering a range of unique products, many of which can’t easily be found at your local health drug-store. From high quality whey protein powder and coffee to effective legal muscle building supplements and mood enhancing nootropics; it’s an interesting mix.

The company makes some bold claims with their products so in this review of Red Supplements, we’re going to see if their products and the company itself live up to the hype.

Red Supplements Logo

My Red Supplements Review

I remember back when Red Supplements first started and had only a handful of products to choose from; they had less than 5 products in their store. I was one of their very first customers and have witnessed the evolution and progress of how far they’ve come since day one.

Let’s discuss some of their products. Their supplement line seems to be continuously growing but some of their products have proved particularly popular and have so far stood the test of time. Here are my thoughts on some you’re probably curious about:

Red Coffee

Red Supplements coffeeCoffee is hardly uncommon but as Red Supplement’s very first product for sale, it’s worth mentioning Red Coffee.

Good coffee is arguably as good a supplement as any, providing numerous health benefits, and can be a helpful tool with certain diet strategies. I found it quite cool that this unconventional company placed so much importance on such a simple item.

Red Coffee is a medium roast organic Peruvian Arabica coffee. They also have their Black Coffee; a Sumatra, Indonesia variety and Gold Coffee; from Ethiopa. So a diverse selection.

Any good? Yes.

Some bloggers might have you believe Red Coffee is the holy grail of coffee but frankly these guys need to get out more. I think they’ve been drinking the kool-aid instead. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good coffee but about the same you’d expect from any other organic provider.

If you’re a coffee drinker and decide to buy some other products from Red Supplements, it’s worth getting yourself a couple of these bags for sure. But I wouldn’t place an order for just the coffee specifically.

Red Monkey

On to something considerably more unique, Red Monkey is a mood enhancing formula, claimed by some to put you in “social God mode”.

It’s a nootropic; a cognitive enhancer. Or more specifically a “stack” of nootropics; Red Monkey is one of the first products to actually combine and stack multiple mood enhancement nootropics together in the convenience of one pill. They also now sell Red Focus.

Red Monkey combines proven, legal compounds such as L-Theanine, Rhodiola rosea and 5-HTP with the lesser known but powerful Phenibut ingredient. Phenibut is a legal anti-anxiety compound that binds to the GABA receptors in your brain, much like alcohol. The Phenibut does a lot of the heavy lifting with this supplement but Red Monkey does feel slightly different to taking Phenibut by itself.

I’d give it a solid 9/10 as it’s perfect for a night out with friends occasionally as a substitute for alcohol or even during your normal day to day routine for a guaranteed good day. Read my full Red Monkey review.

It’s the ultimate “chill pill” but you DO NOT want to take it every day. The suggested usage on the bottle says ‘take 2 – 4 capsules 2 times daily on an empty stomach”. That’s the suggested dose you should take in one day, not daily as in every day.

The instructions do go on to say not to take Red Monkey more than 2 times per week which is important.


The Red Supplements website in general is more geared towards men and while many products can of course be used by women too, Red PCT is just for the guys. It’s a “testosterone booster” and “estrogen control” supplement that alleges to increase testosterone, decrease estrogen and cleanse the liver to defend against toxicity.

It’s designed as a “Post Cycle Therapy”, hence it’s name, making it suitable to use as the PCT after a SARM cycle. It is also sold as a general testosterone booster though, even if you’re not using SARMs.

It’s main premise is to decrease estrogen in the body with the ingredient Arimistane (Androsta 3, 5-diene-7, 17-dione), putting it in a more favorable ratio to testosterone. And that, along with increasing testosterone tends to improve your sense of well being in the way that more optimal hormones does and will potentially help you lose fat and increase muscle.

I didn’t get any blood work done during my use of Red Supplements PCT so I cannot say whether it actually increased my levels of testosterone to any degree but it did feel that way. I noticed improved sleep, a higher libido, the aforementioned higher sense of well being and felt good in the gym. You can read my full Red PCT review.

Red Burner

As you can probably guess, this is Red Supplements “fat burner” for those of you wanting some help shedding a few pounds.

Much like other fat burners, it essentially consists of some amino acids and stimulants including caffeine and green tea extract. However, Red Burner also provides thyroid supplementation in the form of 3,5-diiodo-L-thyronine (T2) which is no joke, and the likes of β-phenylethylamine to counteract any jitters that lower quality fat burners can be notorious for.

Red Burner is no magic bullet, but it can give you that extra pep and acceleration of cutting results, not least because it will also suppress your appetite.

All of Red Supplements products are of course legal and use ingredients that are in some way clinically proven, so by in large are safe if used as suggested.

Are Red Supplements Products Worth the Price?

Some other Red Supplements reviews seem to suggest they are quite expensive but I don’t think their prices are outrageous, especially considering the prices you can pay for a simple bottle of Vitamin C at your local supplement franchise store.

The supplements here are obviously a bit more bespoke and not so widely available, and with that in mind, I’d say they represent good value for money.

Having a product such as Red Monkey that can completely change your whole day, your mood, and your interactions with other people is priceless. 

You will occasionally find a Red Supplements coupon but they’re not too common. Your best bet for getting future discounts would be to sign up to the newsletter on their website.

Shipping, Customer Service & Convenience

Ordering from Red Supplements is straight forward. The website is clear and easy to use, like any other online store. You can create an account on their website easily, click order, put in your info and you’re good to go.

The only thing that caught me by surprise was the $5 shipping since I’m so accustomed to the whole “Free Shipping” with other online stores, but no biggie.

As soon as they ship it, you can track your order until it arrives at your doorstep.

I have emailed them a couple of questions before and their staff got back to me pretty quickly. There’s been no nasty surprises in regards to dealing with Red Supplements in general.

Oh! And did I mention that they offer a full 30 day return policy if you are unsatisfied with your product? That’s not something you see every day with these types of products. A big thumbs up for Red Supplements there!

In Summary

Hopefully this has given you a good idea of what to expect from Red Supplements. To sum up this review:

The Positives

  • An interesting variety of high quality, potent supplements that produce results
  • Excellent customer service, convenience, and easy to buy from
  • A 30 Day Return Policy

The Negatives

  • Shipping is $5. Not a big deal but it can definitely be surprising to find out you have an extra charge on top of what you’re ordering. Maybe a turn off with price sensitive customers.

Red Supplements: Good to Go?

Overall, hopefully you can see that Red Supplements is quite a unique supplement company with an interesting range of products. And not only are the products unusual; they’re straight up high quality.

The company itself is legit and unless you count the $5 shipping charge, there’s no nasty surprises. 😉

Give Red Supplements a try with one of their products and let me know what you guys think. I think you’ll agree.

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