The #1 Legal Mood Enhancing Formula on the Market

I’m a believer in doing whatever it takes to improve any aspect of your life, whether that be your social life, your health, your money situation or whatever.

Thankfully, we live in the 21st century which makes it easier than ever to have access to tools that can help at literally the click (or two) of a button. Frankly, if you’re not doing what it takes to leave your comfort zone and improve aspects of your life that need work in this day and age, you have zero excuses!

When it comes to improving your mood and social life, it’s no different.

Everybody wants to reduce anxiety and consistently have that good mood and charisma that results in an awesome social life, but only a few people know how to achieve that consistently.

Sure, you can use alcohol and heavy mind altering drugs to get an unnatural level of bliss or a buzz which for a couple hours will allow you to feel carefree and socialize. But at what cost?

The cost of probably making a fool out of yourself and potentially doing things you might regret while under the influence and not thinking clearly.

Or what about the fact you’re literally signing your own death contract with some compounds, increasing the possibility of liver damage, brain damage, alcohol poisoning, developing an unhealthy addiction, or the chance of life threatening withdrawals down the line?

I swore off drinking alcohol regularly after a family friend was found in the back seat of a car with alcohol poisoning. She was put into a coma for close to 10 years and finally it was decided to pull the plug since it didn’t look like she was ever coming back.

Now I’m not saying you should give up alcohol, but what if I told you there was a potentially better alternative that could give you the buzz and care free attitude without the downsides of being drunk or heavily intoxicated?

Well there is.

It’s a nootropic. But not just any type of nootropic.

It’s a hybrid of calm-inducing anti-anxiety nootropics and supplements all in the convenience of one little pill.

It’s called Red Monkey.

What is Red Monkey?

I know it’s a very bizarre name but hear me out; I promise it’s not some new age hippy herb.

Red Monkey is a legal dietary supplement for mood enhancement, by the guys at Red Supplements. These are the same creators behind Red PCT and a variety of other unorthodox products you won’t find in your typical supplement store. Read my Red Supplements review for more about this company.

With an eye catching picture of a literal red monkey hanging from a red branch on the label, Red Monkey arrives with 60 capsules per container.

If you’re a supplement junkie, one look at the ingredients list of this baby and you know you’re about to take things to a whole new level. And if you’re not familiar, you will be soon.

There are 6 main ingredients that make Red monkey what it is:

Red Monkey Phenibut

This ingredient is the main driving force behind Red Monkey.

Phenibut is a legal but not too widely known compound that has been used to kill anxiety and help with sleep since the early 1950s.

Take a small dose of this on its own and you’ll experience the enormous benefits that this compound has to offer including reduced anxiety, calmness, mental clarity and a general improved mood.

Take a larger dose of Phenibut and you’re almost always guaranteed to have a wild euphoric adventure filled with giggles, the constant desire to socialize like a 12 year old social butterfly, along with warm bubbly feelings in your belly.

Yes it’s some powerful good stuffAnd with great power comes great responsibility!


5-HTP is a derivative of L-tryptophan which converts itself into Serotonin in the brain.

By enhancing the levels of Serotonin in the brain, many people can benefit from the what this natural neurotransmitter has to offer.

Higher levels of Serotonin promotes relaxation, calmness, a feeling of well being, promotes deeper sleep, and reduces stress.

Not bad huh?

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine

Get a whiff of this bad boy!

Actually I don’t recommend you actually do, because this compound in its purest form reeks of sulfur and your old Granny’s attic that hasn’t been opened in 10 years.

But don’t let this sour smelling nootropic fool you.

It actually has a host of benefits and many people use it to treat many alignments such as Alzheimers, sleep disorders, liver problems, lung problems and much more.

The main role we want N-Acetyl L-Cysteine for is the cognitive function improvement it provides such as enhancing mental energy, greater focus and more control of your thoughts.


Theanine is the compound found in green tea.

Now you know why the legendary great Samurais of Japan were so calm and collected like ice; their secret was the L-theanine found in their daily green tea.

Only kidding!

Theanine isn’t as strong as some nootropics out there you might have heard of such as Modafinil but it gets the job done, and serves it’s purpose.

It is the perfect compound to reduce heart rate and overall “slow things down” which can help treat high blood pressure as well as the thumping  jittery adrenaline feelings of anxiety.

Combined with the alerting energy of caffeine, not only does it make for a great combination but also enhances the overall effect of L-Theanine.

Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri is naturally found in the wetlands of Southern and Eastern India as well as Africa, Australia, North and South America and some parts of Europe.

It is the best all around herb that is known to promote strong antidepressant benefits as well as pain reduction.

Many report better memory, an attention boost and overall less anxiety.

It’s definitely a compound you want to include in your arsenal when building one of the greatest anxiety reduction and mood enhancement dietary supplements.

Rhodiola Rosea (Root)

This herb has been reported to obliterate any form of fatigue.

And like our friend Bacopa Monnieri, it is raved by many for its cognitive benefits such as heightened concentration as well as an improved overall feeling of well being and an increase in empathy.

Red Monkey Review: What To Expect?

Now that you know what makes up Red Monkey, what can you expect the effects to be with all these crazy herbs and nootropics combined?

According to the bottle, a serving size is 2 capsules. And from my experience of trying many nootropics, I recommend for best results that you take this supplement on an empty stomach.

The serving size of 2 capsules is probably enough for most people but I went ahead and mega dosed at 4 capsules for my first try.

Don’t be like me kids, I’m not the best role model!

To be honest I was starting to doubt if this thing was even going to work since the effects didn’t kick in ’til like an hour later.

Looking back at it now though, most nootropics I have tried came in their purest forms in powder. Red Monkey instead comes in a pill capsule and capsules usually take time for your body to break down and release the good stuff into your blood stream.

The effects came on for me gradually over the span of 1-2 hours. I didn’t even realize they had kicked in until I found myself walking to the gym with the stupidest smile plastered across my face.

Similar to my experience with just Phenibut by itself, I was overcome with the powerful need to socialize and greet my fellow human beings walking around me on the street.

But I must be completely honest and blunt with you guys; this supplement is not what you want to use if you’re going to the gym or trying to get any real work done where other people might be present.

Because you might just find yourself exchanging life stories for 40 minutes in the gym with some random guy you asked to spot you on your last set of bench.

Here is a quick short list of things to expect:

  • An increased feeling of euphoria
  • An improved sense of well being (as though you have everything figured out, and things are going to be okay)
  • A reduction in social and general anxiety (usually replaced by a hyper desire to talk to everyone)
  • Deeper, improved sleep quality
  • Improved focus and concentration

Dosage, Tolerance & Side Effects

Where there’s a high there’s a low, of course. So it’s always good to keep yourself informed of the proper dosage guidelines and side effects you may experience.

If you’re familiar with Phenibut at all, you’ll know it’s notorious for it’s ability to build tolerance faster than you can say “I’m addicted”. 

Don’t be worried but since Phenibut is the main driving force behind Red Monkey, it’s important you treat it with the same respect you’d give to dosing Phenibut.

Each capsule has 250mg of Phenibut.

Here is a guideline you can follow:

  • Take the recommended serving size of 2 capsules when dosing. (Sure you can take 4+ capsules like I did but don’t do it too often so you don’t build tolerance and dependence too fast.)
  • It is strongly recommended you don’t exceed 16 capsules a week or consume the supplement more than twice a week.

Taking too much Red monkey for an extended period of time can easily build up an addiction and dependence which can result in the typical same withdrawal symptoms that some drug users experience.

The withdrawal symptoms aren’t exactly life threatening but better to be safe than sorry.

Keep in mind you’re also taking 5 other nootropics along with the Phenibut so I’d advise not building a level of addiction to multiple compounds or risk messing up your natural dopamine/serotonin production in the process.

Side effects usually don’t occur but if they do, it’ll usually be a headache or feeling of dehydration which is common with high doses of Phenibut.

Final Words

Red Monkey is the next level in the world of nootropic mood enhancing formulas.

In fact, providing you the benefits of six nootropics that complement each other well in one pill may actually be a breakthrough.

As mentioned, it’s important to follow the guidelines and make sure you don’t build any tolerance to this supplement since we don’t want anyone having a bad experience just because you couldn’t follow simple directions.

So take your pill, go out there, and enjoy your awesome anxiety stress free day while making everyone’s day around you better.

We all have a wild excited and enthusiastic Red Monkey in all of us. A Red monkey that wants to socialize, adventure the world and experience the joys in life that we somehow lost in our childhood.

Go get it, the world is yours for the taking!

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