A 100% Legal Testosterone Booster That Actually Works?

Around the ages of 11-17, most guys see a noticeable difference in ourselves as we transition from boys to men.

We embarrassingly hear our voices crack as they mature into deeper, stronger tones. We notice our Adam’s apple protrude, our backs and shoulders widen, our bones get thicker and, of course, other parts of our body begin to grow in all the right places.

That, is the power of testosterone.

Testosterone is the power-house hormone that makes us bigger, faster, stronger and more mentally dominant.

Somewhere along the lines, however, you may begin to feel like you’re losing it.

You feel more fatigued than before, weaker, and less mentally sharp. Your progress in the gym isn’t what it once was. Your drive, your motivation and your libido just isn’t there.

You my friend, may be one of the 1 in 4 men that are suffering from low testosterone.

Maybe it’s your age. Maybe it’s your diet, your lifestyle or some more serious underlying cause. Whatever the reason, who cares? It sucks.

Of course, maybe you don’t have low testosterone and you feel fine. Great! But let me fill you in on a secret…

Almost all men living in the Western world are exposed to a multitude of testosterone-hazardous and estrogenic chemicals and compounds on a daily basis. They’re found in everything, from the plastic bottles you drink from to the meat you eat, to the modern technology we’re permanently surrounded by.

Every man can benefit from a little boost to his testosterone levels and/or a slight lowering of his estrogen levels.

Those with chronically low levels of T should of course look into conventional Testosterone Replacement therapy. The real deal. But it’s no decision to take lightly; not everyone has the money, the insurance or even the inclination to be monitoring their blood levels and making regular doctor visits, all while having to stick a needle in their butt multiple times a week.

A readily available alternative for jacking up your testosterone to more optimal levels is a supplement called RED PCT.

RED PCT combines 3 of the most powerful herbs and compounds including Arimistane to form a compound that can increase your testosterone naturally and lower estrogen. Whether you are an average Joe, an athlete looking for a little boost in the gym, or a bodybuilder who just finished a steroid or SARMs cycle, RED PCT can help you optimize those hormones to healthy levels.

So, What is Red PCT and Arimistane? And Why Use it?

Red PCT is a 100% legal supplement designed to increase testosterone levels and control estrogen. It’s by the company Red Supplements, the same guys behind the Red Monkey nootropic pill. It has been proven, by countless Red PCT reviews and even blood work reports, to be a genuine, effective testosterone booster. You won’t find it on Amazon or in stores (at least yet); you can find Red PCT for sale exclusively at RedSupplements.com.

There are 3 main reasons you may consider Red Supplements RED-PCT:

The first reason is that you just finished an anabolic cycle of the “good stuff” or some SARMs, and your hormones are skewed up.

In an attempt to avoid the side effects of having high estrogen and low testosterone such as a lost libido, a general feeling of sh*tiness and potentially even “bitch tits“, you rush to use some of the recommended Post Cycle Therapy drugs out there such as Novaldex. But these drugs are strong and come with their own potential side-effects. RED-PCT could be a milder, safer alternative.

Another reason may be that you are an athlete, or a weight lifter.

Day in and day out you make it to the gym. You’re putting in the work but would like something to give you that extra edge; a little extra pep for more progress.

Now, there is no arguing that taking real anabolic steroids can give you drastic results, and I’d be lying to you if I sat here and claimed Red-PCT is as good as steroids. It’s definitely not. But Red-PCT can increase your testosterone levels significantly to a higher functioning range, allowing for more optimal performance in the gym.

And lastly, you may be just an average John Doe looking to benefit from the effects of what higher testosterone levels can do for your body. You want to be able to experience the mental sharpness, clarity, confidence and improved sense of well being.

You want to see what it’s like to have an insane libido that turns you into a complete beast in the bedroom, with the energy and vitality of how a real young healthy male body is actually supposed to function. That is what Red-PCT can do for you!

Optimizing your hormone levels is one of the most underrated and overlooked practices. There is a night and day difference in the quality of your life and overall well-being and, frankly beyond even a supplement like this, it is something you should take seriously.

The Three Powerful Ingredients of Red-PCT:

N-Acetyl L-Cysteine – NAC is a powerful antioxidant known for it’s liver support and helps the body defend against toxicity. It detoxifies and protects the liver which is perfect for someone who just finished an oral steroid cycle.

Oral steroids that pass through the liver can potentially be dangerous and the liver support you get from NAC is that extra protection that’ll prevent you from being sorry.

Chlorophytum borivilianum – This is a herb from tropical wet forests in India used for it’s aphrodisiac effects and to increase sperm count. This helps with improving your sexual libido, your sleep and overall energy levels and of course overall testosterone.

According to scientific studies, this herb was found to increase sexual vigor and arousal and a marked increase in sperm count by day 60 of continuous usage.

Arimistane / Androst 3, 5-diene-7, 17-dione – This is the main, heavy-lifting ingredient of Red PCT; Arimistane works similarly to an aromatase inhibitor to blunt estrogen from forming and decrease any excess estrogen that may be present.

This is a great alternative to over the counter drugs such as Novaldex which can drop your estrogen to dangerously low levels if you’re not careful or come with unpleasant side effects in general.

Not only do Arimistane supplements blunt estrogen levels but they also decreases your cortisol levels. Cortisol is the chemical released when under stress and it can easily impact your ability to build muscle and lose fat while at the same time lowering testosterone. Definitely not something you want and Arimistane can make sure it doesn’t happen. Arimistane standalone products exist but Red-PCT includes the other ingredients for an enhanced, complimentary effect.

My Red PCT (Arimistane) Review

I’ve used Red PCT for a decent amount of time now, probably close to 7-8 months with the recommended on/off cycle method. I think this has given me long enough to assess the product and overall I’d say I’m happy with my Red PCT results.

What Exactly Can You Expect?

Here are a few things I noticed and that you might expect:

Increased Libido

I wouldn’t say I had a particularly low sex drive going into this, but somewhere around my 4th-6th week on Red-PCT, I noticed one of the strongest onsets of libido I have ever experienced in my life.

Sorry in advance for the graphic detail, but my morning wood would take forever to go away. Sitting down for a certain period of time on my laptop to work would soon lead to sexual fantasies and yet another unwelcomed erection!

Going to the gym represented a whole new challenge, surrounded by a buffet of fit women in their tight yoga pants and bras. And the slightest touch or hearing of a female voice was just enough to wake up that primal instinct in me.

The libido effect from Red PCT was strong and, dare I say, slightly overwhelming. Maybe I need to learn to better channel the new increased libido and sexual urges as energy instead of letting it distract me, but that’s easier said than done!

Improved Muscle Gain and Body Composition

Strength gains in the gym were also phenomenal. Results didn’t come immediately but I feel that Red PCT peaks towards the 4th week which is when I noticed the majority of the effects.

Weights were going up every week in the gym with absolutely no stalls. There was no brain fog of any sort during workouts, I just felt completely in the zone.

Over 10-15lbs of weight was gained in about 8-10 weeks with the help of Red PCT. There would definitely be some fat and water weight in there but almost entirely unnoticeable, as my waist only went up by half an inch. Not bad.

Definitely don’t expect anything supernatural from Red-PCT but I’m sure the higher testosterone levels were letting me operate better.

Although I didn’t use Red-PCT while on a cut, the estrogen lowering effects of Red-PCT should also help the process of losing fat since fat is correlated to high estrogen levels. Just something to keep in mind.

Improved Sense of Well Being

That feeling of calmness before the storm. The feeling of dominance, heightened well being and being better grounded in the present. This all comes when our hormone levels are balanced correctly. Get those hormones in check and see how you become a more confident, happy man.

Although this one is up for debate and some can claim it is a placebo effect, the feeling of well being and vigor was there.

Nothing hugely drastic for me probably because, as far as I’m aware, I didn’t have particularly low testosterone going in to my trial of Red PCT. But I’d imagine someone with actual low testosterone would feel the effects even more as they achieve a more healthy/high level.

An Effective Post Cycle Therapy

About a month ago, I decided to experiment with some SARMs to take my body to the next level.

Although SARMs don’t shut down your natural hormone production quite like anabolic steroids do, they can lower your testosterone tremendously post-cycle. With that in mind, I got back right on RED-PCT at the end of my SARM cycle and I’m pretty sure I can consider it a successful post cycle therapy.

I’d say it will definitely help your body and your two favorite jewels recover quickly to homeostasis in this situation.


All in all, Red-PCT is a great, seemingly safe, legal supplement that can be confidently used as an alternative to most post cycle therapy drugs or even in some cases, even testosterone replacement therapy from a doctor.

Higher libido, increased muscle mass, better mood, and less fat all in one pill, the cost of which is relatively cheap. Who would said no to that?

I challenge you to do your own experiment. Big extraordinary claims require extra ordinary evidence. Skepticism is healthy so don’t just take my word for it.

Buy just one bottle and take a testosterone/hormone profile blood test before starting. Then after finishing a bottle of Red-PCT, go back and get your testosterone and hormone profile checked for a before and after comparison. You may just be pleasantly surprised.

And you may just get a little glimpse into the world of being “He-Man”.

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